March 14, 2012

Branding – A Case Of Do As I Say Not Do As I Do

branding marketingThis is my mea culpa.  I always harp on how important it is to create a strong brand for your business and one componant of that is the visuals, including the logo, that accompany your brand.  Which it’s why it’s a little ironic that despite the fact that this website has been gaining steam, it’s taken me a long time to take my own advice and get a logo that befits what this site is all about.

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t listening to my own advice.  I know that a strong logo can help create the type of emotional connection you want people to have with your business or company.  But, truth be told, part of my hesitancy was due to the fact that this is a website that’s geared towards sharing information (mainly for free!) and building a resourceful community and that, in  my mind, was different from a business.   But it finally dawned on me that the time had come and as such I would like to show you the new Small Food Business logo designed by mdraeger design:

Small Food Business LogoWhat do you think?

If you’re looking for a graphic artist of your own I also must put in a plug for Michelle.  She’s worked on several projects for me – some of which you’ll see coming in the next few days and weeks – and is always creative, professional, and handles the multitude of changes I send her last minute with grace and ease.  You can contact her through her site or at michelle (at) mdraegerdesign (dot) com.

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