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March 19, 2012

When A Chef and Pastry Chef Get Married…

Cakes By LookWhen you receive an invitation to a wedding between a chef and pastry chef you know the food’s going to be good!

We were not disappointed in the slightest!  In addition to a wide variety of vegan and gluten-free options for guests (including some of the best gluten-free chocolate cupcakes I’ve ever tasted), the night’s main fare was served food truck style.  I’m not kidding, this wasn’t some catering truck that rolled up outside of the venue.  We were actually directed to head to the food truck itself to place our orders:

Food Truck Wedding

Not only was it some of the best wedding food I’d ever had – it was also fun.  We all stood in a line behind the bride and groom placing our orders and hanging out together before heading inside with our paper plates to enjoy the goodies.  Or, more rightly, we all stood in line several times since most if not all of us went back for seconds (and possibly thirds…cough..cough…).   I loved the whole experience so much I had to grab this shot before the dance floor captured my full attention.

Who says weddings have to be cookie-cutter!

Wedding cake photo credit goes to the amazingly-talented Cakes By Look.

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