March 21, 2012

PayPal Takes On Square For Credit Card Charges

Square revolutionized the way small business owners could accept credit cards.  Rather than needing a bulky (and expensive) credit card terminal, all you need with Square is your iphone or Android phone and the Square credit card swiper plugs right now.  Apparently PayPal has realized what an asset this is to small businesses and has come out with a competitor – PayPal Here.

PayPal Here makes accepting credit cards easy for small businesses.  Like Square, you just need an iphone or Android phone and their credit card swiper (which has a triangular shape – not sure if that was a literal thumbing-of-the-nose at Square).  All you have to do is swipe the customer’s card and the funds are immediately available in your PayPal account which are easy to move into your business bank account.  If you already have a PayPal account you use for business purposes this might be a great addition for you to be able to accept credit cards anywhere you have cell phone access.   Check out the PayPal Here introductory video if you want to learn more.

4 comments on “PayPal Takes On Square For Credit Card Charges

  • Evolver on said:

    I see that PayPal has really taken over. I think it is the most trusted merchant processing service available online. Would you recommend PayPal over credit card processing companies from banks or credit unions?

    • smallfoodbiz on said:

      I honestly can’t speak to whether PayPay is better than merchant accounts from banks and credit unions as there aremany factors in play. That being said, I know many small businesses that have used Paypal for their merchant needs and have been very happy with their suite of services, their transparency, their ease of use, and their competitive rates.

      • smallfoodbiz on said:

        I’m not advocating that anyone use PayPal over any other option – just showing folks that there are options out there all of which have their good and bad qualities.