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March 28, 2012

Artisan Goodies Giveaway Week

Lots of exciting news this week!  First there’s the latest on the JOBS bill that seems to be on its way to the President’s desk for signing and will give us all a leg up in finding funding to start and grow our businesses.  Then The Great Food Truck Race. And now this…six days of artisan goody giveaways!

The reason behind the giveaway is that I have a new book coming out that features real “everyday” people who made Food Entrepreneurship Bookthe leap into food entrepreneurship.  These business owners generously share their experiences as well as some of the challenges they faced along the way and their strategies for business success.   In honor of Handmade: How Eight Everyday Entrepreneurs Became Artisan Food Entrepreneurs And Their Recipes For Success (more on this next week too!) I’ve lined up some goodies from the entrepreneurs featured in the book. 

Starting tomorrow I’ll be featuring six days of giveaways.   What do you have to do?  Nothing at all…or, almost nothing.  Here are the rules:

Everyday will feature a different giveaway.  In order to be eligible you have to either comment on this site*, “like” the post on Facebook, or email me at info (at) (dot) com that you want to be included.  You can enter as many times as you want and as many days as you want.  Winners for each day will be drawn only from those who liked/commented/emailed for that specific item.   Winners will be announced on Friday April 6th via this site and Facebook.  Winners are responsible for getting in touch with me and sending me their mailing addresses.  Sadly, because food is hard to get across borders, only US residents are eligible (sorry!).

* Just a reminder that there may be a delay between when you post a comment and when it actually shows up.  This is so that I can check and delete out the SPAM comments.  As long as you’re not a SPAMMER your comment will be shown – promise!

This giveaway is now closed.  Stay tuned for future giveaways though!

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