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April 23, 2012

The Local Food Movement Hits Mainstream

Just in case you didn’t think the local food and urban farming movements were truly now a piece of Americana I present to you Exhibit A:

William Sonoma chicken house

You can now purchase a chicken coop through William-Sonoma that rivals some houses in my neighborhood!   Their latest catalogue is, for the first time I can recall (and I’m a long-time avid receiver of their catalogue), featuring chicken coops and heirloom seed kits.

Granted, I know that we could get into a debate about how local food and urban farming might only be accessible to an economic demographic that can afford to shop at William-Sonoma and others are too busy trying to get through every day to have the luxury about worrying about whether or not they need to buy a $59 predator kit to keep their chickens safe but I don’t feel like getting into all of that right now.  For the time being I’m instead going to sit here and covet this chicken coop and wonder if my two German Shorthaired Pointers – with their very strong hunting instincts –  would be game for adding a couple of chickens to our menagerie.

*No, this is not a paid product review…I was just mighty impressed to see how far the urban farming movement has made it into the mainstream market.

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6 comments on “The Local Food Movement Hits Mainstream

  • Jim Lewis on said:

    Wait a year. There could be a ton of used backyard chicken coops for sale. Plus the neighbors may not love them as much as the owners.

  • Cathy on said:

    Jennifer, I agree with you regarding the local food movement. I believe all of this results from people wanting to simplify and live healthier lives. I am longing to move to the country where I have more room to grow my own vegetables and expand my garden (flowers/shrubs/trees). I too have been a long time shopper at WS and saw that chicken coop! At the price they’re asking, I’m trying to figure out how to build one of my own. My dream is to live a much more simple existence, grow my own food, reduce my stress level and live a peaceful, happy life. Everytime you turn around there is a news report about some harmful toxins affecting our food so why not take a stab at growing our own……

  • Fresh on said:

    I had a similar reaction to an American Express commercial that promotes shopping at local businesses. I agree that it’s not necessarily a bad thing for big businesses to “co-opt” ideas like eating (or shopping) local. After all, we do want those ideas to spread!