May 3, 2012

Which Camera Is Best For Food Photography?

Realizing that the camera on my phone just won’t cut it anymore, I happen to be in the market for a new camera and want one that will be just as good taking close-up food shots as well as lions out on the savanna (and by that I mean my dogs in the backyard).  Most importantly, I want a camera that will make every picture I take look like it was taken by someone who has at least some basic skill level in photography (a tall order, I realize!).  

As such, I was very interested to read this article by William Hereford posted on the Bon Appetit blog where he takes several cameras on a foodie test drive and reports back.   In case you’re thinking that a camera upgrade is in your future soon too, the post is well worth a read as he shares his experiences with cameras from multiple price points.

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