May 8, 2012

Small Print Run Labels

One of the tough things about being a small entrepreneur is that you want labels for your products that make you look professional and that are in-line with your brand, but you don’t have a ton of money to spend and don’t want to be forced to buy a minimum of 50,000 labels in order to be able to work with a quality printer.

Over the weekend I was clearing out the last of the brochures and what-not I’d collected at the Fancy Food Show and stumbled upon a brochure I’d picked up that seemed to solve that specific artisan food entrepreneur quandary.  Presto Labels* creates high-quality (“near photographic quality” is the wording they use) 4-color labels with a minimum order requirement of only 100 labels.   Obviously, the more you purchase the better price per label you receive, but Presto Labels prices are pretty competitive and they do offer a few other cost-saving measures as well.  Their press process eliminates the need for plates or cutting dies which means that you or your designer can pretty much create a label in any shape or size you’d like without having to pay any additional plate or die costs.  If you’d like to learn more about Presto Labels or to request samples you can find them online at or by contacting them at 800-201-7120.

*Just a reminder that this is not a paid endorsement in any way, shape, or form.

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4 comments on “Small Print Run Labels

  • Michael O'Keefe on said:

    There are many different print options when considering labels. Sometimes ordering 1,000 vs. 100 can cost you the same. If you are a new company looking for packaging options it is best to contact a packaging company that can provide many different types of packaging. Be prepared to sign non disclosures and understand their time is money.