May 16, 2012

Back Up A Second….

backing up your filesThat’s all it took – just one second.  One moment my computer, with all my personal and business files, was working and the next….well,  you know where this sad story is going.

I took my laptop into the electronic emergency room and in the midst of giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, the head doctor (IT guru) asked me if everything had been backed up recently.   When I sadly shook my head and said that no, nothing at all was backed up, he looked at me with such pity that I knew this might be the end of all that data as I knew it.

We’ve all heard stories like this before but never think it’s actually going to happen to us, right?  It wouldn’t be our computer – with every document, financial record, and inspiration folder that we’ve created since 1996 – that will go down.  That only happens to other people.

Let me therefore stand before you as the example of one of those people to whom this has happened.  And let me tell you that it is incredibly painful (and expensive!) to watch the head doctor rip the guts out of your computer to try and save just an inkling of the data you’re so desperate to have.

I’ve learned my lesson and I share this story as its one I hope you never have to.  Whether you choose to back up your data files onto a CD or use a remote “cloud” backup system like Mosy or Time Capsule, there’s just no excuse now to not be backing up your data so I beg of you – if you only do one thing this week please make sure you get everything backed up.

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