May 22, 2012

An Answer To Your Summer Shipping Woes

shipping products in hot weatherRegardless of where you live in the US, the upcoming Memorial Day is the official start of Summer.  It doesn’t matter that the kids aren’t out of school for another few weeks or, if you’re in a northern state, the fact that it really won’t get warm enough to break out the short sleeves for another month or so – Summer is officially here.  This is great news for most but if you ship a temperature-sensative product, Summer can be be a time of huge stress.

The Summer heat we all crave in the midst of Winter can wreak havoc on your products if you have to ship them and the last thing you want is for your products to show up on a customers’ or retailers’ doorstep melted, gooey, and otherwise unpalatable.  What’s a small food business owner to do?

Control Temp Packaging, is, as the name suggests, temperature-controlled packaging specifically designed to keep your products cool while you ship them.  Best of all, Georgia-based R.N.C. Industries, which sells Control Temp Packaging, has eco-friendly temperature contol options too!  In a nutshell, they have a large range of shipping box sizes that are lined with specially-designed ice packs that can hold up to any abuses your package may encounter in transit without breaking.

cold shipping in hot weather

If you think this type of packaging may help you with your Summer shipping concerns, you can contact R.N.C Industries directly for more information.

* did not receive any type of compensation for writing this review.  Just thought this was a useful vendor for any of you who worry about shipping your products in the Summer heat.

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