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May 30, 2012

Facebook Unveils “Pay To Play” Posts

You’ve worked hard to create a visually appealing Facebook page; courting people and turning them into fans and customers through your engaging and witty commentary, questions, and information.  So how would you like to find out that Facebook is no longer pushing your posts out to all of your fans?  Unless, that is, you want to pay for the privilege…

Yes, you read that right.  Just because you post something on Facebook doesn’t mean it automatically goes into the newsfeeds of all of your fans (people who have already “liked” your page).  Instead, Facebook’s algorithms decide what users should and shouldn’t see.  For example, according to this screen shot from yesterday’s post, Facebook only pushed the post out to 10% of Small Food Business’ Facebook Fans.

And do you see that “Promote” button on the right hand side?   This is what happens when you press on it:

Facebook says that they’re just testing this concept so no idea if it will stay longterm.  What do you think of all of this?  Are you willing to “pay to play” to push your Facebook messages out to your entire fan base?

If you want to make sure you receive all of Small Food Business’ Facebook posts (or any other business’ favorite posts) you can override Facebook’s algorithm by going to that business’ facebook page (here’s the link to Small Food Business’ to make your life easy 🙂 ), hovering over the “LIKE” button in the upper right hand side of the page and making sure the “Show In News Feed” option is checked.

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2 comments on “Facebook Unveils “Pay To Play” Posts

  • phoebe on said:

    booo facebook. we had to know that would happen when you put money in the mix. someone will come up with a clever way around this or an alternative to fb… some of my “friends” have their personal page as an alternate biz page (so sincere, right?)

    • smallfoodbiz on said:

      I think it’ll be interesting to see if this becomes a trend with Facebook and if so do people and businesses start to trend away from it. Remember when MySpace was all the rage? Humans can be a fickle bunch and jump ship quick if need be….