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June 12, 2012

Food Truck Technology On The Go

food truck technologyEver eagerly anticipated something from your favorite food truck only to find a long line waiting to place order?  Or perhaps you’re on the flip side of the equation and wish there was a way customers could send your food truck their orders in advance so that you could have them ready when they arrived and speed up the entire transaction.   In either case, you might be very interested to learn about FoodToEat, a technology invented by a 25-year-old law student to minimize food truck lines and maximize customer experience.   Be sure to check out the video on the site too!

* This is not a product review and I’ve received no compensation for writing about this. 

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2 comments on “Food Truck Technology On The Go

  • Food Truck Fan on said:

    Very Cool! Who doesn’t despise waiting in lines, especially on a short lunch hour.Technology is everywhere these days and anything that can get me out of a long line while helping Entrepreneurs, has got to be good. Congratulations, keep the ideas coming!