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June 20, 2012

Scheduling Facebook Posts

It’s been said time and time before but as a small food entrepreneur your time is stretched thin.  In the past, people complained that while they could schedule blog posts to run at a future date, Facebook didn’t allow that same sort of flexibility which required you to more or less be tethered to your computer/smartphone/tablet device.   For those of us whom this is just not feasible – or should you actually ever want to take a day off and not leave your Facebook fans without any updates – Facebook recently added a scheduling feature to its Pages.

Best of all, Facebook makes it really easy to execute.   First of all, type in the post that you’d like to show up on Facebook but don’t hit Post.  Instead click on the small clock image on the bottom left hand side of your post

preloading your Facebook posts

Once you click on that icon you have the option to input the day, month, year, and even time you want the post to show up.  As you can see, you can also schedule a post for the past or for some date up to six months in the future.

creating future facebook posts

This can be really useful if you have ideas for posts you want to autopopulate in the future especially if you know, for example, you’re going to have a really busy week with limited time to actively be on Facebook.

Be careful what you post though because it doesn’t appear as the site is (yet) as functional as many Page Admins would like.  While you can view your Scheduled Posts (click the down arrow next to the “Edit Page” button at the top of your Page and then click on “Use Activity Log”), you can’t edit or change them so you want to make sure that if you’re posting about, for example, a sale that will start on Monday that the sale will happen rain or shine!

Anyone out there used this functionality yet and have lessons learned – good or bad – to share?

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