June 22, 2012

Does A Good Camera Make A Difference In Food Photography?

food photographyI’m sure you’re thinking “of course” and rolling your eyes at the stupidity of this question but let me take it a step further.  What if you take one very unskilled, untrained amateur photographer (hello!) and give her a Blackberry with a camera, an iPad, and a “Big Boy” camera.  Does the additional money spent on a good camera make a difference?  Going even further, can a good camera turn a photography hack into a photographer?

I decided to take advantage yesterday of the 70-degree weather – a respite the Pacific Northwest has been having from our cold, wet Junuary – and make some Strawberry Lemonade for canning in the hopes that warmer weather will indeed arrive and I’ll be ready to toss away my sweatshirt and break out some summertime drinks.  Part way through the process I grabbed my Blackberry and took this picture of the strawberries before they got pureed:

food photography taken with blackberry phone

Then, deciding to step it up a notch, I took the same photograph with an iPad 2 to see if there was any difference in  clarity or resolution:

At least the lighting looks better with the iPad and it doesn’t look like the picture was taken in a windowless kitchen.  Amazing how just a little light can make food look more appealing.

But what about with the “Big Boy” camera – would the extra $$ spent on that make a difference in picture quality when handled by an unskilled food photographer?

So what do you think?  Did one come out ahead of the other?

For what it’s worth, the “Big Boy” camera I used is the Canon EOS 60D.

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