August 14, 2012

Don’t Put All Your Marketing Eggs In One Basket

traditional marketingRemember MySpace?  Remember how MySpace was the social media darling of the moment and everyone who was anyone said you had to be on MySpace or you were simply nobody.  Well…when was the last time you checked in on MySpace.  Could the same thing happen to Twitter, FourSquare, or Facebook?

Professional marketers in general tend to like shiny new objects.  Whenever a new tool is added to their toolbox they’ll tout it to anyone who listens and, it turns out, the Press tends to listen so next thing you know there are a million and one articles being written about (insert said social media marketing tool of your choice) and you’re left wondering how you ended up so far behind.   But next thing you know a new shiny object is dangled in front of the marketers and they’re off on another fox hunt.

I’m not nearly skilled enough nor stupid enough to say that Twitter and Facebook are headed the way of MySpace, but for one minute imagine if that did happen.  For that reason alone it makes sense to diversify your marketing portfolio just like you’d diversify your retirement portfolio.  Twitter, Facebook, and the like can obviously be a huge asset to small business marketing but make sure you have other tricks up your sleeve to leverage, grow, and engage  your customer base just in case things take a turn.  Traditional marketing methods like advertising and direct newsletters may not be all hype and glam and they may not be right for you right now, but keep them at-the-ready in your back pocket because the one thing that they are is time-tested and you never know when you might need to pull them out.

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