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August 21, 2012

Farmers’ Markets – There An App For That

software for farmers marketsPerhaps not quite an app, but a new software company has a website that is focused on helping farmers’ market managers, farmers, and food producers lives easier while simultaneously helping customers learn about and stay in contact with their favorite local foods markets.

The site,, launched this past Fall as a conveniant tool to help markets, farmers, and food producers succeed.  The company’s development and marketing team spent time attending markets and talking with managers to determine what their needs were before coding even began so that the software can help managers coordinate every aspect of their markets and make them successful.  For example, the software can help provide managers with a market map, a list of vendors, identify the products that are being sold.  The company also has tools to help promote food vendors and help them grow their market share.

The company, which is based in Indiana, just started reaching out to markets in February and already have close to 30,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter which goes to show that they’ve tapped into a niche that welcomes their tools.  With a flexible month-to-month subscription fee (which is partially based on the size of the market), the company indicated that they always welcome feedback from market managers as their goal is to make good, honest, local food a way of life in our communities.  If you’re interested in learning more check out

* As always, this is not a paid promotion nor do I receive any type of compensation for this post.

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