September 26, 2012

3 Ways To Quickly Build Your Instagram Audience

Eating It Up and I must have been thinking the same thing because right as I was coming on here to share a few ways you can quickly build your Instragram followers she piped in over on the smallfoodbiz facebook page with one point that was literally at the tip of my brain!

If you are looking to add followers to your Instagram account there are 3 things you can do rather than just waiting for it to organically take off:

1. Make sure you let people know you’re on Instagram.  Sounds simple I know but you’ll notice, for example, that I haven’t yet added my Instagram information to the sidebar of this blog so I’m not really doing a very good job of letting people know I’m on Instagram.  (here’s my not so subtle way of reminding folks that on Instagram I can be found by doing a search for @smallfoodbiz!)  Let people know by putting it on your website, sending out the info with your e-newsletters, and making sure it’s part of any other marketing collateral you create.

2. Tag your pictures.  Just like Twitter, Instagram allows users to tag their photos with hashtags (#) so you can tag your photos with things like #yummy, #delicious, #myfoodrocks.  Instagram, just like Twitter, tends to have hashtags that are more popular than others and this site let’s you see up-to-the minute how popular a certain phrase is on Instagram and how many pictures are tagged with that same phrase.

3. Do searches on Instagram using the hashtags that are close to your product or inline with your brand and you might find some new folks to follow who will then, hopefully follow you back.  For example, you might want to do a search on #bacon for your Everything Bacon business and might find other bacon aficionados.

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