November 21, 2012

A Legitimate Reason To Take A Break

entrepreneuers timeMost entrepreneurs I know, myself included, tend to be somewhat – if not fully – Type A personalities.  In some respect you have to be Type A and be willing to work hard all. the. time. to succeed.  All that work and no play, as they say, isn’t necessarily the way to great creative thinking when it comes to your business though.

I spent some time the other weekend catching up on some business articles I’d pulled aside the month before.  Like many of you, my day-to-day life is so extraordinarily busy that even something like reading gets pushed off until later.  And let’s face it, “weekends” don’t have too much differentiation from weekdays anymore as most of us just plow right through Saturday and Sunday trying to catch up or not fall behind.  Thus, my Sunday morning business article read-a-thon.  These were articles that were going to make me a better business woman and I needed to read them!

The most interesting thing I read turned out not to be business-related at all.  Turns out, according to one article, taking time to do crafts and projects that have nothing to do with your business at all can be relaxing.  What’s more, taking the time to do these projects gives your brain a chance to rest.  Apparently brains don’t necessarily rest so well so while you’re engaged in your project your brain is actually working through problems you’ve been struggling for some time to solve.

Have you ever had the experience of struggling to solve something and then later – when engaged in another task entirely – the answer pops in your head?  That’s what scientists say is a benefit of taking a break.  It’s known as the breakout principle by experts and while they don’t know why it occurs it’s quite common.

So, if you’re observing American Thanksgiving this week don’t feel guilty about taking a little time off your business and just enjoying the time.  If Thanksgiving is not in your plans give yourself a pass to take a little time off this weekend and do something not at all connected to your business.  You never know – by doing that your next big idea may come to fruition.

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