November 29, 2012

Pinterest Takes Business Seriously

Lots of changes going on in the world of Pinterest and all of them aimed at making your life as a business easier and more profitable!

Pinterest has made some big changes recently and, unlike many of the changes ‘other social media sites’ make – this one doesn’t have users up in arms.  Here’s the quick lowdown on what’s going on with Pinterest these days:

1. First of all, Pinterest is proving to that it has the ability to turn users into actual shoppers.  Whereas Twitter and Facebook users reportedly have an average retail order value of $71 and $95 respectively, Pinterest users come in at a whopping $169 retail order value.

2. It’s been said before but it’s worth saying again that Pinterest’s main demographics are women (2/3 of the 25million active monthly users are women).  Don’t forget that the main consumer of specialty food products is also women!

3. Pinterest recently launched ‘Pinterest For Business’ which now enables brands to showcase themselves on Pinterest.  If you, like me, were operating a personal Pinterest account as your business account you can convert over to the new Pinterest For Business account setting in a few easy clicks of a button.  Why would you want to do that?  It’s just another way to engage users and build an active community.  You can learn more about Pinterest for Business here and also learn about how to convert you personal account into a business account.

4. Pinterest also unveiled Secret Boards.  Users now have three boards on which they can place pins that they don’t want to make public.  The thought is that this would be great if, for example, you’re planning your dream wedding but don’t want your not-yet-popped-the-question boyfriend to find out that you’re busy pinning taffeta dresses and flower arrangements.  From a business perspective though I think there’s huge value in these secret boards.  For example, what if you’re collecting inspiration for some new packaging that you want to develop for your company.  You could create a secret board where you can pin all the web images that catch your eye.  What’s great about the secret boards is that you can also share them with people of your choosing so, in this instance, you might share that board with your graphic artist to give them a visual idea of what it is your thinking and what direction you’d like the new packaging to go in.

So some fun stuff from Pinterest.  As always, SmallFoodBiz is on Pinterest (though I’ve been a little woeful in keeping up with it as of late due to a ton and a half of work) so I invite you to follow us there if you’d like.

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