December 19, 2012

Stats To Know Before You Start A Kickstarter Campaign

kickstarter campaignIf you’ve been toying with the idea of launching a Kickstarter or Indiegogo fundraising campaign for your business in the new year here are some interesting Kickstarter statistics to consider.

  • There are more unsuccessful projects (those that don’t meet their stated goals) than successfully funded projects.  Currently, 56.3% of all projects on Kickstarter don’t meet their fundraising goals.
  • Of those that are unsuccessful, the majority (61.7%) aren’t able to raise more than 20% of their goal amount during their tenure on Kickstarter.
  • Of the 13 main categories on Kickstarter, the FOOD catagory ranks 8th in successfully funded projects.
  • Only 39.5% of FOOD projects have historically been funded on Kickstarter
  • 54.5% of successful FOOD Kickstarter campaigns were looking to raise less than $10,000.

If you’re interested in learning how one food entrepreneur beat the Kickstarter odds with a campaign that ended up with nearly double what they were hoping to raise check back after the Christmas holiday.  I had the pleasure of recently interviewing Aaron Barthel and Karl Mueller of Intrigue Chocolates who let me in the secret to their Kickstarter success.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Intrigue Chocolates’ recent Kickstarter campaign that closed, with nearly $20,000 in the bank, at the end of October.

Just so you don’t think I’m just making up the above statistics, they come directly from Kickstarter via their Kickstarter Stats page.

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