January 4, 2013

5 Tips To Get Your Business Started Off Right This Year

start the new year off rightYesterday was all about goals.  But there are some other tactical things you can do right now to get 2013 kicked off on the right foot.   

1. Start with a clean slate – do you have trouble finding your desk under the piles of papers?  Are your invoices mixed in with your kids report cards?  Is your kitchen/workspace/truck in bad need of a clean?  This is a great time to spend a day organizing yourself, your piles, and your workspace so that everything is clean, tidy, and somewhat organized.  This will make it easier for you to find things and, if you can get a system down, will help you be more efficient going forward.  Plus, speaking from experience here, you might find that ‘gem of an idea’ you wrote down six months ago and then promptly forgot as you start tackling that paper pile on your desk

2. Streamline Online – If your email inbox is as inundated as mine is daily with random newsletters, sales requests, etc, it’s worth it to go through and unsubscribe to any email correspondence that’s just clogging up your inbox on a regular basis.  Hopefully the SmallFoodBiz e-newsletter is not one of those things but if you’re not finding it useful then I say cut it!  While you’re at it, delete all those old messages you no longer need or file away into folders those that you want to hold onto.

3. What’s your long range plan – Before we dive down into the nitty-gritty of this coming year, what is your big picture vision for your business longterm?  Your over-arching business goals may have changed in the past year as your own life circumstances have changed.  What is it you really want from this business?  Here’s are two old article about business visioning that may be helpful.

4. Revisit your business plan – It’s a new year and the economic climate both locally and worldwide is changing.  Does your business plan reflect those changes and reflect the strides your business made in 2012?

5. Develop a marketing strategy – This is how you’re going to get your company in front of customers, retailers, and other prospects.  What are your goals and how do you plan to achieve those?   How has the consumer marketplace changed or not changed from prior years and how are you going to adapt your marketing accordingly?  Similarly, how have some tools you’ve used in the past like social media changed and do you need to revise your strategy because of that?

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4 comments on “5 Tips To Get Your Business Started Off Right This Year

  • jeanne on said:

    I am right there with you…I spent the first two days back from the holiday addressing my desk, general clutter, my 2013 calendar and scheduling a planning meeting with my staff. Next week; vision casting and marketing strategies!!! 2013 is filled with possibilities…Cheers!

  • Unmana on said:

    Awesome points, these. And since I’m in marketing, I especially like the last one!

    And yes, every once in a while (I try not to wait till the new year), I’ll unsubscribe from a bunch of newsletters. Those can really clutter up your inbox.