January 14, 2013

A Letter From The IRS…

photo_IRSHere’s a heart-stopping return address from a piece of mail I received the other day.

Turns out it was just the 1099-MISC forms that I’d requested from the IRS so that I can file them as required by law for my business.*  The great thing about the IRS (yes, I did actually just say that) is that you can go online and order, for free, several tax forms that you’d otherwise have to purchase through retailers like OfficeMax.

I’m fairly sure though that the payback the IRS gets for offering this service is the laughs around the lunch table knowing that everytime an envelope with this return address shows up in someone’s mailbox that person’s blood pressure spikes.

*As always, since I’m not a tax accountant or CPA I cannot answer specific questions about whether your business needs to file a 1099-MISC or other tax forms.  Asking a tax expert those kinds of questions will help ward off any ‘nasty-grams’ from the IRS.