February 6, 2013

Hands Down The Best Targeted Superbowl Ad

target audienceI’ll admit that I didn’t watch any of the ‘big game’ (sorry, work was piling up and I used that time to get some projects done…) but I did check out the commercials from time to time and this one stopped me in my tracks.  This one ad, more than any other, didn’t try to appeal to all the Superbowl viewers, they knew who their target market was and they created an ad – an ad I would argue that knocked it out of the ballpark – that spoke directly to their target audience and said “we understand you.” 

I harp on target market all the time on this site and this is the reason why.  If you know who your target market is you can create advertising/products/packaging or logos/etc that resonates with your customers.

What do you think of this Superbowl ad from Dodge?  Does it resonate with you?  If not, do you think your emotions would be different if you came from a farming family?  Did you have a favorite ad?

3 comments on “Hands Down The Best Targeted Superbowl Ad

  • chrispalmberg on said:

    This commercial makes for a breath of fresh air. I remember watching with baited breath for the new Frog commercial, or to see what Pepsi would do this year. This makes an amazingly down-to-earth (as it should be, considering the subject matter) counterpoint to the millions spent on Super Bowl commercial production.

  • Michele Connors (@MichConnors) on said:

    I think the commercial was really well done. At the same time, I wish it selling something that really helped the day to day situation of a real life American farmer, instead of a truck! Would have been great if it was about supporting your local farmer, or at the very least if Dodge tied that in at the end somehow.