March 14, 2013

Using Video To Help Tell Your Small Business Story

small food business videoA number of you asked how Toffee Talk had gotten the video of their company that I shared in their Entrepreneur Spotlight.  Despite the number of technological advances that make it easier than every for individuals to produce their own video, Toffee Talk wanted something that would help convey the professionalism and quality of their products which is why they turned to professionals themselves.

Toffee Talk worked with a company called Food Guru, a video production company, which focuses on creating 1 – 2 minute documentaries for food businesses that can be used on your site, added to your signature line, or used in pretty much any marketing manner you can think of.  As Debbie Sultan of Food Guru stated when I spoke with her,

“Through these video stories, the viewer learns about the business, the history, the passion, and the food.  Furthermore, viewers build up an appetite by visually sampling and tasting the food with their eyes.”

The production process, which includes all filming, editing, and original music amongst other things, costs approximately $2500 (not including any potential travel expenses).

You can take a peek at some of the videos Food Gurus has created for other small food businesses via their Food Guru YouTube Channel.

*I am not receiving any type of compensation for this article – this was a question asked by one reader and I wanted to pass the information along.

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