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March 25, 2013

Who’s Pinning Your Pictures?

marketing your business on PinterestJust over a week ago Pinterest, the photo sharing website, added Analytics for businesses so now you can see who’s pinning pictures from your site.  Why should you care? This gives you information as to what pieces of content or what photographs people find interesting and that can help drive your business strategy.

This new feature, available to business owners who have a specific  Pinterest business page, will show you how many people are pinning from your site, what they’re pinning, and how that both drives impressions and click-throughs to your site.  Statistics from a 2012 Mashable article show Pinterest driving more traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined.  Wouldn’t you like to know who this social media darling is impacting your web traffic?

In order to view the new analytics feature of Pinterst you must have a verified website.  In a nutshell, when you log into your Pinterest business account if there is a check mark next to your business name then your site is already verified.  If not, then follow these steps outlined at Pinterest.

Over the weekend I decided to get my smallfoodbiz website verified and it took longer than it should have because I have a site.  To make your life easier, if you also have a site here’s the steps you need to follow in order to verify your website with Pinterest.

Step 1: Open up your account and then select Tools and then Available Tools.


Step 2: Scroll down to where you see the Website Verification Tools.


Step 3: Open up your Pinterest Business account and click on the pencil figure on your home page.


Step 4: Click on Verify Website and you will be taken to the page.  Since you are using a site you want to click on the Verify with a meta tag link.


Step 5: Copy the link that Pinterest provides when you click on the Verify with a meta tag link.


Step 6: Return to your site and Paste the Pinterest meta tag information into the Pinterest Verification slot.


Step 7: Click Save Changes and your website should be verified on Pinterest.  To double-check, refresh your Pinterst home page to see if you have a check mark next to your business website information.


Once your business website is verified, Pinterest will begin collecting analytical data for your site.  To access that data simply click on the new Analytics tab in your Profile menu.


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