April 3, 2013

Looking For A Few Good Food Entrepreneurs…

small food businessesI’m in need of a few food entrepreneurs for new Entrepreneur Spotlights this year.  This is not only a great way to tell your story and showcase your business, but I got word last week from one of my prior Entrepreneur Spotlight interviewees that they’d been contacted by the Food Network so in that out of the thousands of viewers this website gets every month there are some heavy-hitters.  I don’t have any restrictions on the type of food business (as long as you are legally operating based on the laws in your state/province/country), how long you’ve been in business, or your gross sales revenue so if you’d be interested in being featured drop me a note at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com and let me know.  Thanks!

PS – Despite the very US-centric photo of Uncle Sam (which was used for army recruiting purposes in World War 1), I am more than open to – and would welcome infact as I grew up overseas myself – interviewing food business entrepreneurs from other countries. 

PPS – I’m also open to Guest Posts if you have a topic or expertise you’d like to share with the group.  If you’re interested in guest posting please contact me at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com to learn more about the guest posting guidelines.

One comment on “Looking For A Few Good Food Entrepreneurs…

  • Lee Mathis on said:

    Hi.. Would love a Spotlight! I started Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes here in Western Colorado about 8 years ago, while I was in Culinary School (I had gone back to school after a ………few years away. We did ok for a few years, then the recession hit and we almost went under a few times, but I pulled it through. We are now expanding into a much bigger market, Richmond VA and are really excited about it. You can learn more about me, the company and our products by visiting our website.