April 5, 2013

Facebook’s Making Some Changes…For The Better!

facebook-logoFacebook gets a lot of slack for making changes that seemingly hurt the small businesses and users who flock to the site so it’s worthwhile to mention a new change that will actually make it easier to communicate with your fans.

Facebook recently rolled out a new REPLY feature for business pages which enables people to reply directly to messages in a tiered format versus one long string of conversations.  For example, this is how replies on Facebook used to look:

facebook replies

And here’s how the new replies feature looks:

facebook repliesAs you can see, this new feature will enable you and your fans to break off and have side conversations.  This is a huge asset to small businesses who use Facebook and it will make it easier for your to actually engage with your fans and talk directly with them.  Plus, there’s more of a chance that your fans can start driving the conversation amongst themselves, helping you build a strong and loyal community of followers.

And, for once, this won’t cost you anything extra!  You do however have to enable this feature on your business page if you want to take advantage of it.

Step 1: Go to your Business Home page and click Edit Page and then Manage Permissions.

new facebook replies feature

Step 2: Click Allow Replies and then hit Save Changes.

facebook replies feature

If you prefer to stay with the old model of replies you are welcome to do so…until July 10 which is when Facebook will roll out this new reply model across all Pages.

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