May 13, 2013

Targeting Moms By Understanding Their Buying Decisions

targeting mothersContinuing our Mother’s Day theme for one more day, we all know that moms are special but did you know that they are also one of the most powerful consumer groups?  Women over 16 make over 85% of all purchasing decisions.  That’s more than $2 trillion (yep, with a t!) in buying power.   Given that approximately 68% of women in America are moms (based on the 2008 census this equates to 85.4 million women), this is a huge and powerful market.  If your product or company targets moms and/or their kids then you need to understand what makes moms tick. recently shared a report that takes a look at three key aspects of today’s moms and how that impacts their buying power.

I love this quote from the report because it’s so true:

In the StartUpNation blog post entitled 7 Powerful Insights for Marketing to Women, an important point is made: “There is no ‘women’s market’, there is only ‘your women’s market’.”

For you, that means moms of children who fall within your programs’ target age. Those moms think differently than moms of babies, or empty-nester moms. Your marketing success depends on how well you understand your target moms’ motivators and buying habits. And what worked 5 or even just 2 years ago may already have changed…

You can check out the full report here – it’s well worth taking a look at!

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