May 15, 2013

Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads: The Experiment

per pay click testIn March I decided to run a little experiment for a month to see which would perform better for me, Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.  The goal was to promote the Small Food Biz Product Cost & Pricing Calculator and I wanted to see which one, if either, would generate enough traffic to that product so as to provide a worthwhile return-on-investment.

Some background information about the ads themselves:

On Google I created 2 ads within the same campaign and put a maximum of $5/day spend on the campaign.  That’s not a lot of money but I wanted to be realistic both in terms of how much any one person would pay for the product ($14.99) and in terms of since I’m a small business owner myself I simply don’t have a ton of money to plow into online ads.  Here’s an example of one of the Adword ads I ran:


Both ads began running on March 26th and I allowed Google set the bidding price for the ads.  The ads themselves were designed based on keyword searches I did using Google’s Keyword Tool to find which words were the most searched on Google.  I also ran the wording of the ad (and several others that didn’t  make the cut) by a few people to see if it resonated with them.  Google Adwords also allows you to input additional keyword parameters to help get your ad in front of the right audience so for each ad I added about 13 keyword phrases to the campaign.

Facebook works slightly differently in that I didn’t input keywords but did check off areas of interest that I thought my target audience would have mentioned in their profile.  For me, this included Cooking and Small Business.  With the Facebook ad I had more space to add additional words but I wanted to keep the Google and Facebook ads similar for the sake of this experiment so I didn’t change the wording and I kept the daily maximum allowable spend at $5/day.  The one thing that Facebook did let me do is include a picture so that is one big difference.  Here’s what the Facebook ad looked like:


Both campaigns ran for a month and 2 days.  Want know how they both performed?  Check back tomorrow for the results!

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4 comments on “Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads: The Experiment

  • Emma on said:

    Oh the suspense!
    This is a great idea, I can’t wait to see what you found out. I have used Facebook ads a few times but I have never used Google AdWords. I will be back tomorrow to see what you found out.

  • cashinc on said:

    Google wins – I’d bet on it. I did a similar test for 3 months and Google won hands down. Google allows for better targeting using keywords and common search terms. Facebook ads are often overlooked amongst the bright lights and sirens (Sally’s new car photo, Grandma’s new Grandbaby, etc..) already occupying the page.