June 10, 2013

Catching Up With A Few Food Entrepreneurs We Talked To In The Past

food truck newsSummer’s underway and food entrepreneurs are rockin’ and rollin’.  As such, I wanted to catch you up on a few things that some of the entrepreneurs that have been featured on this site currently have going on.

1. Do you remember Roxanne Daigle? She was featured on this site at the beginning of the year talking about her quest to get a Cottage Food Bill passed in Louisiana.  Well Roxanne’s hard work (and that of countless other citizen volunteers and supporters) has paid off.  Roxanne let me know last week that they’ve successfully passed Louisiana’s first-ever Cottage Food Bill.  Hooray!!

2. As we walk down memory lane, do you remember Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee Company?  They were a featured Entrepreneur Spotlight a few weeks back.  They’ve recently launched a Kickstarter project aimed at raising $7,500 (and they’re already more than halfway there as of the writing of this article).  Trevor sent me an email letting me know about the Kickstarter project but also thanking Intrigue Chocolates for their willingness to share “Insider Tips On How To Start A Successful Kickstarter Campaign” on this site based on their own successful Kickstarter project.  One thing Trevor really appreciated was how Intrigue Chocolates said that food businesses should plan on spending 4 months preparing to launch their Kickstarter.  “You were so right,” he said via email, “it’s a ton of work.”

By the way, I’ve had a chance to see Intrigue Chocolates new – Kickstarter funded – packaging in person and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

3. In totally seperate news, if you’re a food truck entrepreneur or are hoping to become one, I recently heard about the ROAM conference – a new mobile food conference that’s taking place in Portland September 13 – 15.  If I didn’t already have plans that weekend to celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary I’d be there in a heartbeat (still considering it but think if I do it might not bode well for me making it to my own 50th wedding anniversary!).  The conference looks interesting, Portland in September is usually gorgeous, and Portland has something like upwards of 600 food trucks to keep you full during your stay there.  I’m hot at all affiliated with the conference but did think it might be something you food truck entrepreneurs might be interested in hearing about.

4. Lastly, don’t forget to share your Summer Food Adventure photos on Instagram using the #smallfoodbiz13 hashtag.  Otherwise you’re just going to end up seeing a few posts this Summer that are consist of only my pictures and that means there will be lots of pictures of my dogs.  You can’t say you haven’t been warned!  🙂