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June 12, 2013

Marketing Tips & July Webinar Announcement

food webinarI recently had an article published over on the Yoked site talking about the steps small businesses need to have in place in order to better their chances of success.  Definitely go check it out!  Now’s also a great time to announce, if you haven’t noticed already, that I’ve scheduled another free webinar in July.  Alison Duncan of Yoked will be on hand to give you more information about how to connect with bloggers and media.  You can find out more about that webinar and sign up for it here.

One quick update about webinars, I bit the bullet and decided to pay for a more robust version of the webinar software that would prevent you all from being bombarded by ads while you watched the webinar.  Best of all, though, it also gives you the ability to watch the webinar at a later date if you’re not able to make it on the scheduled day/time.  Webinar recordings will be kept for 30 days and will be accessible to anyone who pre-registers for the event.  Space is limited however so sign up soon!

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2 comments on “Marketing Tips & July Webinar Announcement

  • Timothy Lambert on said:

    Thanks for setting this up! Getting tips on outreaching to bloggers and the media is exactly what we could use help on since we’ve already hit up all our internal networks but need that exposure to the larger community.