July 15, 2013

Do Friends’ Facebook Behavior Impact Buying Decisions? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Up_For_DebateWord of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, but what about word of Facebook? If a friend recommends a product on Facebook does that increase the chance that you’ll buy the product? PPC Associates set out to find out and turned their results into this handy little INFOGRAPHIC:facebook friend recommendations

Can’t read the numbers on the INFORGRAPHIC? Click on the picture and it will open up a larger picture in another screen that you can zoom in on.

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5 comments on “Do Friends’ Facebook Behavior Impact Buying Decisions? (INFOGRAPHIC)

  • ryunhobbs on said:

    Interesting that except for people aged 18-24, women were more likely than men to follow their Facebook friends’ purchase recommendations (by what seems like a pretty significant amount). I wonder what it is about younger women that they are much less likely to take their friends’ recommendations into account.
    Or is it because men seem to use Facebook less frequently compared to women as they age? It appears as if more men avoid using Facebook than women in the same age groups.

    • smallfoodbiz on said:

      The fact that women in that 18 – 24 age-group are more likely to take friends’ Facebook recommendations may also be partially attributed to how women think/act. We tend to be ‘more social’ and also more eager to share recommendations. Women are more often the ones, in my experience at least, posting about a great X they found. You rarely hear a man say “Hey guys, I got this awesome new t-shirt at the Gap!” (That’s stereotyping both genders I realize). In terms of the women younger than 18, they most likely want what their friends have/recommend, but they may have limited disposable income of their own with which to buy it so it may actually be the parent/adult ‘buying’ the item and that may skew the statistics. Or, it may be because the younger generation isn’t using Facebook as much as some other social media tools these days. I’ve got a post coming up shortly about tumblr. and how that’s the go-to social media tool of the 13-25 year olds right now.