August 2, 2013

New Updates Make The Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator Even Better

food product cost calculatorAs mentioned yesterday, I really do take your suggestions and input seriously.  Thanks to a few recommendations from readers, I’ve made some great updates to the Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator.  Check out what’s new!

1st New Update!  Units Required For Desired Yield

In addition to calculating your ingredient and packaging costs, the updated spreadsheets can now also help you figure out how much of each ingredient and packaging you need to have on hand to do your production.  Simply input your recipe and tell the spreadsheet what the Recipe Yield is and then what how many of that product you want in the Desired Yield and the NEW Units Required for Desired Yield column will tell you how much you need.  You can go back to the spreadsheets as often as needed to help you calculate different quantities for your recipes.  Note: change the desired yield does not change the per unit product cost and pricing spreadsheet

Same thing for your packaging too except that also now takes into account how many of each unit goes into one set of packaging.  For instance, if you’re packaging 3 cookies in a bag with ribbon and sticker, it will calculate your packaging needs based on those figures.  When in doubt, if you’re Desired Yield doesn’t provide you with whole numbers (i.e., you would need 21.5 bags to complete all the packaging), the spreadsheet will round up to the nearest whole number so that you never find yourself running to the store for just one thing!

food business cost spreadsheet

2nd New Update!  Private Label/Co-Packing Pricing

The other big new change is based on some feedback I received from an entrepreneur who wants to sell his products private label to other companies.  Now if you’re interested selling private label or co-packing for another business you can use this spreadsheet to help you.  Input the profit margin you want for your private label/co-packer products and the result will display in the Per Unit Product Pricing (the private label/co-packer price is based on your cost + profit margin % and is not based on your wholesale price).

figuring out product price

You can order the new and improved Food Product Cost & Price spreadsheet for $49.  An email receipt will be sent to you immediately upon ordering which will contain a link to the spreadsheet.  If you don’t receive that please check your spam folder and contact me at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com if you haven’t gotten it.

If you previously ordered the spreadsheet you should have gotten an email at the email address you used for the purchase from me last night or this morning with the updated spreadsheet at no cost.  Didn’t receive it?  Drop me an email at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com.

One comment on “New Updates Make The Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator Even Better

  • Debra Bonnefin on said:

    Great update, I will buy this product immediately! I’ve been stressing on how to figure that out and not being great at MATH this will make it easy for me. Thanks so much, Debra