September 2, 2013

e-Commerce Platforms For Food Businesses

online storeIn the past, if you wanted to offer your customers online shopping your only option was to add a shopping cart to your website which entailed finding a shopping cart that was SSL compliant, integrated seamlessly with your site, and worked with your merchant account of choice (because you also needed to get a merchant account in order to be able to accept online orders).  Unless you had a tech background (or techie family member who was willing to accept your goodies for payment), this was painful and expensive to implement.  Then Etsy came onto the scene but that site’s focus is handmade craft projects, not food, so unless you had a very solid marketing plan, it was hard to break through.  This week we’re going to take a look at several e-commerce platforms that are making food entrepreneurs’ lives easier.  The benefit of these e-commerce solutions is that not only can you set up your own online shop and include a link from your site to your shop, but several of these solutions can also help new customers find you.  Be sure to check back tomorrow when we take our first look at a program that was developed with home-based cottage food entrepreneurs in mind.

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