September 26, 2013

What Can You Achieve If You Believe In Yourself?

believe in your businessForgive the very ‘self-helpy’ title of today’s article but it is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently.  Whether we mean to or not, we as human beings tend to put a lot of restrictions on our own greatness.  Does the following sound familiar to anyone?  “Yes, I started a business, but it’s just a small little farmers’ market business.”  Or what about “My business will never be that big/never make $1M/never…(fill in the blank).” 

We consistently downplay ourselves, either externally when talking to other people or internally in our own mind – telling ourselves that we’re not worth ‘greatness.’  But by convincing ourselves that we’re not worth ‘greatness’ (whatever your definition of greatness is – it doesn’t have to be a financial number) then we’re also hindering our own best self from coming forward.  Does that make sense?  We’re essentially giving ourselves excuses for why we’re not going to achieve something because we don’t necessarily believe we’re worth it.

Well if we don’t believe in ourselves how are we going to convince our clients that ours is the best possible product?  How are we going to convince our family/spouse/partner that setting off on this hair-brained entrepreneurial streak is the right thing to do?  How are we one day going to have employees who are just as fanatical about the brand and the products we create as we, the company owners, are?  And how are we ever going to test our own limits of what we can achieve?

Let’s flip this thinking around.  Have you ever asked yourself what’s standing in your way from making your company a $10M business?  Have you ever truly believed that your products would one day be on store shelves nationwide and that you’d have international distributors working for you?  Or, maybe your definition of greatness is different.  Have you ever believed you could truly create a wonderful lifestyle business that gave you the lifestyle you wanted for you and your family – including having the time to spend with them?

Everyone’s goals are different – as they should be – but don’t limit yourself simply because you’ve never really thought you could achieve X.  Instead, ask yourself ‘why not’ and go for it.

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