October 10, 2013

Creating A Facebook Business Page

facebook-logoDuring Tuesday’s Social Media 101 webinar, Chrissy Weiss of Eating It Up, a social media management and consulting company, shared with us that Facebook is the most widely used social media tool by consumers. She recommended that for those new to social media (from a business standpoint) that you should pick one or two social media channels and Facebook, she said, was one of her personal favorites because of its ability to easily combine visuals and text which is a more impactful way to share your message multiple ways with your audience.

During the webinar, I realized that not everyone may realize that there’s a difference between your personal Facebook page where you post pictures of your kids or your dogs (I’m totally guilty of that last one!) and your business Facebook page – or at least there should be. The last thing you really want to be broadcasting out there for your customers to hear is what a wild and crazy night Friday night you had. By creating a business-specific page, you’ll be able to communicate with your customers on one page and your friends/family on another and keep those two separate. Not to mention that there’s also additional functionality and flexibility for those administering Facebook Business Pages that aren’t available to personal account holders (this recent post about new contest rules on Facebook is just one example as this is only allowed for those who operate business pages on Facebook).

Setting up a Business Page on Facebook is easy and free. In fact, Facebook created step-by-step instructions which really just boils the entire setup process down into 5 steps. How hard can that be, right?

If you have a business Facebook page, share the URL in the comments section. I’d love to go out and look at what each of you are doing. Or if you have any examples of small businesses that are utilizing Facebook really well I’d love to hear about those too.

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