November 11, 2013

Resources for Veterans Looking To Start Small Businesses

opening a small business veteranDid you know that 2.4 million small businesses are owned by US Veterans?  And that those firms employ some 5.8 million people?  Undoubtably the impact veterans have goes far beyond the combat field so today, in honor of Veterans Day here in the US, I wanted to share with readers some of the resources that are available for veterans who are interested in starting their own small businesses.  Please note, I am focused on US resources here so I apologize if you’re joining us today from another country but hopefully similar opportunities may be available to you as well.   And let me take a moment to thank all of those who have served and their families. 

Please note, some of these benefits are restricted to Veterans whereas others are available to spouses of military personnel as well.  For more information, visit the Small Business Administration’s Office of Veteran’s Business Development.

Business Resources:


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