March 5, 2014

How Do You React When An Employee Makes A Mistake?

business mistakeIt’s part of being human, right?  Mistakes happen from time to time.  So how do you react when an employee makes a mistake?  If you don’t currently have employees in your business, think about prior jobs and how you reacted in those circumstances.  Chances are you might have been frustrated but if it was an innocent mistake ultimately you’d work to fix it and move on, right? Now let’s look at this from another angle.

What about when that employee who makes that innocent mistake is you?  Do you react the same way?  Are you as forgiving or do you beat yourself up about it for hours or even days?

I ran into this last week.  Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster, that’s for darn sure, and I had one of those days that left me questioning why I was doing all of this.   Part of what threw the entire day out of whack was a simple mistake I’d made.  It wasn’t a mistake that hurt anyone or that provided false information – just a mistake.   But yet hours later I was still mentally berating myself for having made it.  It seems as though when other people make mistakes I can understand and let it go, but when it’s me I don’t give myself that same level of understanding.

I’m not perfect – far from it! – and I know that.  So why do I expect myself to be?  It’s an impossible benchmark to hold oneself up to because you will always always always fall short.   We are humans – we make mistakes.    And mistakes are a ground for learning to make sure it never happens again.   Still doesn’t take the sting out of it though, does it?

What about you?  How does your reaction when you make a mistake differ from how you react when an employee makes a mistake?  Do you cut yourself the same slack that you do other people in your lives?  How do you handle your own mistakes and move past them?

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