March 11, 2014

New! How To Start A Home-Based Food Business Online Course

icon_homebasedDo you or someone you know want to start a food business from your home kitchen?  Why should you have to leave your kitchen to learn how to do so?  After many requests and many months of filming, production, and post-production, I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially launched an on-demand, online class focused on how to start a cottage food business

This 23-lecture course is hosted on the Udemy training platform that enables you to stop, start, and review the lectures at any point.  You don’t need to download anything as the entire platform is cloud-based so you can watch the lectures anywhere you have internet access and on any device.

Once you purchase the course it’s yours for life – there’s no time limit on when you need to finish watching it or how often you can replay it.  The course covers everything from Cottage Food Law specifics that permit home-based food entrepreneurs to operate to the business planning and strategy you need to have in place to ensure your business is a success.

For a taste, check out this promotional video about the course:

By the way, if you register for the class between now and March 31 you can save 50% off the normal $149 price by using the code homefoodbiz.  Remember, you don’t have to watch the course by the end of March, simply register for the course by then to take advantage of the savings and watch it whenever it’s most convenient for you.  Feel free to share this code with your food-loving friends and family as well.

Click here to access Home Made: How To Start A Home-Based Food Business Online Class

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2 comments on “New! How To Start A Home-Based Food Business Online Course

  • Nelson on said:


    I`ve been seraching the internet for informations so I can open my new business in California.

    We already has a full factory running in Brazil, and my friend who is an enterpreuner in U.S will give me all the support.

    So opening a small kitchen home based “factory” will help me see the customers reaction to my products and help to save a lot of money.

    Have you already see this type of products in the U.S?

    Thank you

    • Jennifer on said:

      Working from your home kitchen can be a great way to gauge customer interest before investing in renting/building a commercial kitchen but keep in mind you need to make sure that the product you make is in compliance with cottage food laws for your state. With regards to your question about product type, I don’t know what type of product you make so can’t comment on it. Also, what is available to me in my area is likely very different from what would be available in your area in California so you will want to do extensive competitive research in that area to see if there are similar products.