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April 1, 2014

Small Food Biz Purchased By Kraft Foods

April the first, Fool's day, on table calendarKraft Foods of Northfield Illinois is proud to announce the acquisition of Small Food Business and the associated website site for an unspecified sum.“We believe that Small Food Business is inline with our company’s brand and heritage and that the site’s heavy focus on manufacturing and mass sales will be an asset to us,” said a company representative in a press release.   The company has not released firm plans but analysts expect that the site’s look, feel, and resource database will be dramatically changed in the coming months to be more inline with the types of products Kraft produces.

Jennifer, founder of Small Food Business, has tweeted that she is looking forward to uprooting her husband and dogs to move from Seattle to Illinois, saying that she ‘looks forward to Midwestern winters.’   She also wishes everyone a very happy APRIL FOOL’S DAY.


9 comments on “Small Food Biz Purchased By Kraft Foods

  • Tracey Scheifele on said:

    Congratulations Jennifer quite the accomplishment:) I am proud to announce that Grandma’s Hot Fudge Sauce has won an award from Chocolate Labs through out the US.
    You can see the details on my blog

    • Jennifer on said:

      Thanks Tracey – After several years in Chicago before moving to Seattle, I just couldn’t take the mild winters out here and am excited to return! And congrats on the award from all the Chocolate Labs – that’s pretty prestigious!

  • Joe on said:

    What i said in my head way. ” what the F*&… really… ..what a sell out…#$#$……something like that….:)

  • Néné on said:

    Wow. I totally fell for it. I am brand-new to this blog but deeply, deeply relieved to learn that this “press release” was just a joke. 🙂