April 24, 2014

On Pinterest? Join Our Food Artisan Community Boards

pinterest for small businessThe mission behind this site has always been to create more of a community for food artisans so that we don’t all feel so separated from one another.  Entrepreneurship is hard enough!  So it only makes sense then that I should continue that philosophy onto some of the Small Food Business Pinterest Boards. 

For those who are on Pinterest, either personally or professionally, I recently decided to open up three of my boards – Food Biz Tips & Tutorials, Artisan Food Goodies, and Food Packaging Worth Admiring.  This means that the boards are open for anyone to pin images to and my hope is that through the community boards we can create some amazing boards that inspire us all in our own businesses.  The one crux with community boards though is that to keep the spammers out you have to receive an invitation to join.  How do you do that?  Simply let me know you’d like to join by sending me an email to info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com with your Pinterest user name and I’ll send you an invite.

So if you’re on Pinterest I’d love to see you join these community boards so together we can set up a powerful visual resource for food entrepreneurs.

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