May 5, 2014

Small Business Relationships: Monthly Business Tip #35

This month we look at the relationships you form as a business owner with an eye towards remembering that without those relationships we have no business.

Small food business tip for running your business

2 comments on “Small Business Relationships: Monthly Business Tip #35

  • James Shanley on said:

    So true!

    Coming in to work after the New Year holiday, we walked into the shop to find the landlord and his men mopping up the water that covered almost every inch of our space. The sprinkler system went off in the night, soaking all 6 floors of the building. We lost all of our inventory, raw materials, computers and other office equipment. The only thing we were able to salvage was the presses.

    Our paper merchant fronted us enough materials to keep going as we rebuilt, and gave us very, very generous terms. Had we not maintained a good relationship (paying our bills on time and not beating up the sales rep), we would have been DOA.

    The moral of the story is do good business. And always have insurance!

    • Jennifer on said:

      Oh wow! So sorry that’s how your new year started but really appreciate hearing about how your prior relationship with your vendors helped pull you through. And yes, always have insurance!!