May 7, 2014

Why Small Businesses Should Reconsider Advertising On Facebook

online advertisingFor a few years now marketers have been trumpeting the glory of Facebook and how it allows them to connect with and engage with their loyal followers.  And what better way to find more people who might be interested in your product, your brand, or your company by advertising to them on Facebook, right?  Turns out, that’s not such a good idea…

In theory the idea of advertising on Facebook to get more followers to your page makes sense.  Using Facebook’s convenient pay-per-click feature to promote your business page you can specify the age, location, and other factors of your targeted audience in the hopes in helping the right people find and like your page and, ultimately, grow your business.   I mean, who doesn’t get a little jealous when they hear that a competitor has 3x as many Facebook followers?

Rather than explain, in writing, why paying to promote your Facebook business page is a bad business move, spend the next 10 minutes watching this incredible video from Veritasium titled Facebook Fraud.

I can’t say that I haven’t done some limited advertising on Facebook in the past (certainly no more, that’s for sure!) but in addition to what Veritasium shared today, this is also an important reminder that small businesses shouldn’t solely rely on Facebook, Twitter, or any other free social media tool for the lion’s share of their marketing.

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