June 24, 2014

Inexpensive Trade Show Display Furniture (or cheap office furniture!)

tradeshow furnitureTrade shows can be expensive propositions for small businesses.  You’ve got the exhibition booth fees, the associated advertising, the travel and hotel, and the shipping of product to cover.  Oh yeah, and furniture so that your booth space isn’t just an empty cave.

Having done more than my fair share of trade shows – both walking the show floor and as an exhibitor – I know what a hassle it can be to find inexpensive furniture to make your booth look warm and inviting.  Yes, you can rent furniture from the trade show company but that’s usually expensive and may  not suit your needs.  Or you can buy your own furniture but then you need to pay to ship it around the country.

When I was at a trade show in January I saw what I thought was an ingenious solution – furniture made from corregated cardboard.  It’s light and easy to ship and you don’t need to hammer or drill anything together (each of which may cost you extra in certain trade show venues).  And, truthfully, it looked pretty cool and comfortable.

Turns out it’s a company called Chairigami that makes these eco-friendly pieces.  Even if you don’t have a trade show to go to, their different designs – which include desks and chairs amongst other things, could make a great, affordable addition to an office.*

*This is not a paid or sponsored promotion and Small Food Business is not affiliated with Chairigami.  Just a cool product that might make your entrepreneurial lives easier!

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