June 30, 2014

Why I Love Pinterest As A Business Tool

pinterest for small businessThe title says it all – Pinterest is my new favorite social media tool for food businesses.   Here’s why:I’ll be the first to admit that social media alone is not going to make or break your business, and all social media tools have their pros and cons, but as I’ve used it more and more for business, Pinterest has rapidly shot to the top of my favorites list.

Why I Love Pinterest As A Business Tool

1. Pinterest has longevity.  Unlike other social media tools where what’s posted today is gone tomorrow (or, more rightly, gone in 30 seconds) or may not even be seen by everyone you want it to be seen by, Pinterest posts stick around f.o.r.e.v.e.r.   Someone could look on Pinterest today for a chili recipe and find the graphic you posted two years ago.  Then they might pin that to one of their boards which gets it seen by a whole new group of followers who start pinning it to their boards.  All of this from something you posted long ago and have probably already forgotten about.  What other social media tool does that?

2. Pinterest fans love food.  In fact, Pinterest reports that food-related ‘pins’ and recipes are one of the top searched topics on their site.     That segways nicely with what you’re doing, no?  😉

3. Pinterest drives traffic.   At least in my case it does.  Even before I started using Pinterest with my business in mind, I happened to find that other people pinning items from my website was the largest driver of traffic from a social media platform.   When I started to focus on pinning with my business in mind, that traffic tripled.   (Keep in mind, I’m not necessarily focused on converting traffic into sales so your success with Pinterest will depend a lot on what your goals are and how you’re utilizing the tool to get there).

4. Pinterest is fun.  Again, at least for me.  Or, perhaps it’s better put as ‘Pinterest can be an enormous time suck’ because it can take time to be actively engaged on Pinterest.  But for me it’s enjoyable and given the traffic it’s driving to this site, it seems to be working so that’s time well spent in my book.

5. Pinterest is visual.   Food is also visual.   That’s one of the reasons why food performs so well on Pinterest.  And yet another reason why food businesses can excel with Pinterest.

As with all social media platforms, before you start using Pinterest you need to make sure you understand what you’re getting into and have a plan of what you want to accomplish.  Also, don’t make it all about you.  If you want to gain new followers and keep folks interested, figure out a Pinterest strategy that will have you collecting and sharing interesting ‘pins’ from a variety of topics and don’t just use it to showcase your products.

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