August 21, 2014

Ideas Aren’t The Hard Part Of Entrepreneurship

Almost every entrepreneur I’ve ever spoken with is brimming over with ideas.  Ideas about new products, new packaging, new flavors, just to name a few.  To be honest, I’m no different and the 4 words that strike fear in my husband’s heart like no other are ‘I have an idea’ (to the point where I now have to follow up with a  qualifying statement that it’s either a big idea or a little one).

We tend to think that part of what makes us good entrepreneurs is our capacity to have so many brilliant ideas.  I would argue that’s not the key ingredients.  Yes, good ideas are one thing, but being able to actually execute on those ideas – to develop a plan of action of how you are going to implement that good idea – is the hard part.

It’s easy to get swayed by the shiny new idea in front of you but no idea, no matter how good, will execute itself.  You need to measure your ideas to weed out the good and realistic ones from the ‘not possible,’ ‘not on my budget,’ or simply ‘just not right now’ ideas and focus on implementing those that make the cut.

Idea Implementation

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