August 28, 2014

Profits, Pies, And The Power Of Margins

pie business The ProfitI sat down the other day fully intent on getting some work done but instead got sucked into a rerun episode of the The Profit which captivated me.  Not only was it about a food company, but the problems this company faced were so similar to many of the issues I hear from food entrepreneurs.  Good margins but trouble with revenue?  Check.  Can’t figure out where all your money is going?  Check.  Working capital issues?  Check.  Can’t figure out why even with good sales you’re not making a profit? Check, check, check.

So here’s your homework for Labor Day Weekend (or, if you’re not in the US just for your regular old weekend).  Check out this episode of The Profit and see how much of it resonates with you and your business.  C’mon – finance homework is never normally this much fun!

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