Just For Fun

October 3, 2014

Food Truck Adds Meth To Their Menu

start-a-food-truck-businessThis appears to have become, without really planning it in advance, a very interesting week at Small Food Business given our topics of discussion this week.  So I might as well round out the week with one more complementary article.

A food truck in Colorado apparently took a page from Breaking Bad.  If yore not familiar, the TV series was about a meth producer who, at the beginning of the series, ‘cooked’ his meth in a mobile home.  While in this instance the food truck wasn’t actually cooking the meth, but they were distributing it.  In fact, the bust of this food truck turned meth mobile is the biggest meth bust in the state’s history.  You can check out the full NBC article about the event here.

Now, of course, I am not at all advocating the use of mobile food businesses – or any food businesses for that matter – to do anything illicit or illegal.  But this recent news item was simply too good to let pass unnoticed – especially given our ‘sinful’ focus this week.