October 10, 2014

Rule #1 When Doing Blogger Outreach

bloggingbasicsTapping into the blogger network and getting your products mentioned, reviewed, or even used in a recipe can be a powerful way to generate brand awareness and trial amongst a blog’s loyal readership.   However, as you plan your blogger outreach there’s one very important thing you need to make sure before you start sending those emails.

Here’s an email I received yesterday from a company that’s hoping to partner with Small Food Business for some press.  I’ve removed the company name but aside from that the email is as I received it.   Can you see any issues with their reaching out to us?

 I am writing on behalf of COMPANY which is a travel technology company that does tour guiding and travel planning solutions currently on Mobile and on Handsfree devices like Google Glass and Ocolus VR in the near future.

As we are going to soon initiate our Indiegogo Campaign to build our product lines, we plan to do a blogger outreach and social influencer connect campaign.

Our Indiegogo campaign preview is given below:

(link removed)

I would really appreciate if we can work together on the same and if you could review the COMPANY travel App and mention about our Indiegogo campaign on your blog.

Would like to know if this interests you to discuss further.

With warm regards,

See any problems.  Small Food Business….travel technology app.  Small Food Business…travel technology app.  Hmm, seems to be a bit of a disconnect doesn’t there?   Yet every single day I get multiple emails from so-called PR professionals who want to use the Small Food Business platform to promote products or apps that have nothing to do with either food or small business.

So the first rule of blogger outreach?  Actually do your homework and make sure you check out all the blogs you’re planning to contact to see if they actually cover information like what you’re proposing.  If you’re going to spend the time to reach out to them, you might as well spend that time wisely and focus on those bloggers with whom you stand a better chance of working together rather than spraying emails all over the internet and hoping something lands in the right person’s inbox.

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