October 16, 2014

Your Customers Are Mobile – Are You?

online mobile salesOk, fess up, who here has almost walked into something because your eyes have been glued to your smartphone.  The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) news is that you’re not alone.  Nearly 3/4 of the US adult population now owns and uses a smartphone and almost 40% have a tablet.   As the screens and attention span is shrinking, what does this mean for your business?

If you run an online store, the switch of consumers to mobile is something you need to pay attention to.  It’s estimated that by the end of this year purchases via mobile devices will actually overtake online purchases made from laptops and desktops.  And with 41% of mobile users who have made at least one purchase on their mobile device in the last year (and that number is also anticipated to increase significantly going forward), you need to consider two things:

1. Is your online store mobile compatible?  Ie – can your store not only be accessed by someone using a smartphone but can someone easily complete a purchase using their phone?  (If you don’t have an online store you still need to make sure that your website can be viewed on mobile devices).

2. What’s your mobile strategy?  With more and more people making online purchases through their mobile devices you may need to implement a mobile marketing strategy to make sure you’re capturing some of those customers.  Some things to consider might include mobile coupons, a mobile loyalty program, or mobile advertising.

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