October 23, 2014

Know Someone Who Wants To Start An Artisan Food Business?

I am incredibly excited to announce that Portland State University is launching a comprehensive 15-week course on ‘The Business of Artisan Food’ starting in 2015 that will cover, in-depth, all aspects of starting and growing a food business.  Oh, and it’s being taught by yours truly!  🙂

This online certificate course will be taught through Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education, part of the School of Business Administration, starting winter term 2015.

The program follows a format similar to PSU’s popular Business of Craft Brewing certificate program, which has been stretched to capacity since it started three years ago. The four-course program will cover topics such as business licensing, health code requirements, food business finance,  marketing strategies, sales, and distribution.

The first course is scheduled to begin Feb. 16. Each course is three or four weeks long. They can be taken individually or applied towards a certificate within a three-year limit.   The courses are as follows:

I’d appreciate it if you’d share this information with anyone you know who may be thinking of starting up or looking for more insight on how to grow their food business in 2015.  More information about the course can be found here and you are also welcome to contact me with any questions by emailing info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com.


4 comments on “Know Someone Who Wants To Start An Artisan Food Business?

    • Jennifer on said:

      Yes, International students can certainly take the course though my recommendation would be to skip the first class as the regulations, business licensing, etc that we’ll be talking about will be geared towards US businesses so that probably wouldn’t apply to you.

    • Jennifer on said:


      I haven’t taken their classes so I can’t comment on the curriculum differences other than the obvious difference that this course is online which gives aspiring and growing entrepreneurs the flexibility to make the class work around their schedule. That being said, I’m sure PCC’s class is also very comprehensive and I doubt you can go wrong with either. If you have the option of attending PCC’s class in person then it will probably come down to which learning style – in-person or online – you prefer. I will mention that every student in Portland State’s course will have the opportunity to take advantage of ‘office hours’ (via Skype or phone) so will have one-on-one attention and the online software that Portland State uses enables us to create a ‘community’ feel with people regularly sharing thoughts, ideas, insights, etc. as the goal is to create a trusted group of people you feel you can rely on and who will encourage your growth in addition to me. Hope that helps.